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A GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT!Midnight's Star is a story written for the children of this world, to be read and explained to them by their parents, teachers and older friends. It is about the star that led mighty kings and lowly shepherds to a manger in Bethlehem. It neither aims to satisfy any particular person nor support any specific belief. It is simply one family's personal understanding of the story, told in many languages in many different forms, to children, all over the world, of the singular act of the caring God Who gave humanity the glory of that First Christmas. It offers a message of hope and love to a world that seems more and more bereft of both, and an introduction to a little angel we have come to know as 'Midnight'.

HISTORICAL FICTION - FACTION!Have you ever listened to the news and wondered what it is about the Middle East that keeps the region in constant turmoil? A Drop of Oil, A Drop of Blood is an historical fiction novel, set at the turn of the last century, filled with real characters and actual events that, because of the modern world's dependence on oil, have set the stage for the world's history since that time. An excellent read for anyone who has worked, lived or fought in and around the Persian Gulf.

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